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Minimize Taxes, Gain Clarity

AlphaMark Tax MethodSM Stage One

How would you like to save twenty thousand dollars ($20,000)? Our average client sees a tax reduction of more than $22,750 year after year by switching to work with us – EVEN IF they already had a CPA doing their taxes. And some of our clients have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.

Our clients typically begin with a FREE 45-minute Tax Strategy Session. This is a discovery call where we will discuss:
  • Your business model
  • Entity Structure, including our Business Entity Optimizer
  • The Augusta Loophole (see our article on LinkedIn here)
  • Retirement Strategies
  • Accountable Plans
  • Maximizing Deductions
  • Maximizing Credits
  • 61 Other “most commonly missed” tax reduction strategies
  • Long-Term Goals
  • Health Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Business Insurance

Together, we’re going to engage in “tax planning” which is vastly different from tax return preparation… as the following diagram illustrates:

Many of the strategies we will cover allow you to reduce your taxes EVERY YEAR moving forward. Since our average client saves $22,750 per year, that’s $1,895 per month. That’s an extra $1,895 per month without: increasing your income, reducing your expenses, without having to grow your business, or reduce your lifestyle… just doing tax PLANNING.

So, think about it… if you OVER-PAID $22,750 last year, and are on track to OVER-PAY this year, and every year moving forward, what difference could this make in your life?

These are not guaranteed savings. Savings may be more or less and will be determined during your assessment based on your business size and circumstances.

You might be thinking, “Well, I’m sure my tax guy or gal has me covered.” The sad truth is:

So, what does the AlphaMark Tax MethodSM Tax Planning timeline look like? Here’s a quick overview:

So, we have three levels of service at this Stage in the AlphaMark Tax MethodSM

Stage One of the AlphaMark Tax MethodSM is also about Business Clarity. You see, bookkeeping gets a bad rap. Many business owners view it as a necessary business “evil” to make sure the books and the tax returns get closed in time for monthly, quarterly, and annual compliance. But it shouldn’t be. Business record keeping should provide 360⁰ clarity around the future and the past performance of a business.

This is accomplished by having a deep understanding of your business drivers: the lead generation activities, sales processes, fixed monthly costs, and changing (or variable) monthly costs, profit drivers, and other indicators of your business success. Most bookkeeping partners won’t take the time to understand you and your business, let alone help you create the processes, to be able to report on this information in a timely fashion so that you have the information you need to see clearly where you are, and where you are going.

360⁰ Business Clarity Services we provide:

  • Reconciliations
  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Financial KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Reporting
  • Non-Financial KPI Reporting (often more important that Financial KPIs)
  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statements
  • Comprehensive Business Management Dashboards