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Create Wealth, Achieve Financial Goals

AlphaMark Tax MethodSM Stage Three

As profit and net worth increase, you’ll be faced with another question: what is the best strategy for using this money to achieve my personal, business, net-worth, and family goals?

And the options can seem daunting:

Mutual funds
Re-Invest in my business
Life Insurance
Brokerage Accounts
To Roth or Not?
Defined Benefit Plans
Family Investment LLCs
Captive Insurance
529 Education
HSA Savings Plans
Then there’s always questions about performance, diversification, allocations, and correlation:
You’ll also have other questions, like:
Which investments are creditor protected?
Which investments are bankruptcy proof?
Which investments can I access if a business emergency comes up?
Which investments can I access for a personal emergency?
Which investments provide future tax benefits?
Which investments are included in my estate for tax purposes?

These are the questions Stage Three of the AlphaMark Tax MethodSM was designed to answer.

We’ll start out by doing a deep dive into a number of questions with you:

  • What are my ultimate goals?
  • What is my Investment Philosophy?
  • What is my purpose for my money?
  • How do I want to communicate financial literacy to my family?
  • How do I coordinate my financial plan with my business and estate plan?
  • How do I protect my investments?
  • How do I protect my loved ones?
  • How do I fund specific events like weddings, college, disability and long-term care?

Answering these questions (and many others) will allow us to design with you the ideal tools for Creating Wealth, and Achieving your Financial Goals.

We’ll prepare working and retirement years cash flow projections:

And we’ll implement and monitor your investment objectives over time.
We’ll be your Proactive Investment and Wealth Strategy Partner That Can Help You Make Strategic, Informed Decisions To Grow Year after Year!