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Bobby Bowring – Accountant

Bobby Bowring is a Professional Tax Strategist with Alpha Mark Tax. Bobby is described as hard working and passionate. Bobby’s passion for accounting came from working in real estate with his father. While there, he learned the importance of saving money on taxes and developed a strong desire to help others take advantage of tax savings for themselves.

Bobby has 2 years of accounting and tax experience with Recapture Investment Group, a CPA firm committed to business development and tax strategy. He was also a top 5 sales representative for Clear Home. Bobby is currently completing his Bachelor of Accounting degree with plans to continue his education and obtain his master’s degree.
Bobby spent 2 years in West Africa doing religious service and has a deep desire to help people. Bobby is married and has a daughter. In his free time, he loves spending time with his family. Bobby combines his love of sports and helping others by being an assistant coach on his local high school football team.

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